About Me

My name is Jane Fader and I created this site for Vibrators.com, an adult novelty retailer based out of Detroit, Michigan. I have been working with Vibrators.com for about a year doing creative direction for online marketing content. This site is based on a true story from my life.

Before I came on to the project to create a micro-site for the domain, HowDoVibratorsWork.com, I had really never thought about the mechanical aspects of how vibrators work. Incidentally, my ex-boyfriend has several degrees in engineering and his specialty is in the area of noise and vibrations. Although I hadn’t talked to him in about a year, I called him up and asked him to explain to me how vibrators work.

My ex-boyfriend agreed to meet me at a Starbucks to give me a lesson in the engineering of how vibrators work. I walked in and slapped a We-Vibe down on the table. After he came out of his initial shock and ate a few cupcake pops to settle himself, he did what all engineers everywhere love to do most: explain how things work.

Unfortunately, engineers’ enthusiasm for explaining how vibrators work doesn’t necessarily match their ability to explain how vibrators work in a way that people of normal intelligence can understand. I took the best notes possible (and made some diagrams, of course) and have re-organized them on this site in the most simple way I could explain the things I think I came to understand.