This website is meant as a novelty only and should not be used for medical reference, school projects, or daycare activities. and discourage vibrator smashing and are legally exempt from responsibility for any and all personal injuries caused by vibrator smashing.

So you're wondering, How do vibrators work? In order to understand how vibrators work, you first have to understand the parts that make it work. These parts are all inside of your vibrator and are controlled in whatever way you turn your vibrator on and off (on/off switch, dial, button, etc.). There are four main functioning components inside every vibrator. These components are:
  • a power source (in this case, a battery)
  • a motor
  • a rod
  • an off-balance weight
The power source, motor, rod and off-balance weight all work together to make your vibrator work for you. If you are interested in examining the guts of your sex toy, they can be accessed quite easily. If you have a jelly or silicone vibrator, carefully cut the soft material away with a pair of scissors. If you have a plastic hard-shell vibrator, smash it open with a hammer.

Now that you know what's inside your vibrator you can understand how your vibrator works.

Note: If you do not already own a hammer, don't ask your x-boyfriend to borrow one. Use an alternative smashing-object such as another vibrator.